Monday 16 September 2019

Who is fighting in Syria?

syrian population is very divers. Big part of the population is sunni muslim 70 percent. Christian 11 percent and alewives are 11 percent. These percentages are estimation because no official numbers from any source but we estimate that in stria by calculating the population of the cities and knowing the majority in each city.
Bashar Assad belongs to Alewives  and he is supported by christian and other minorities. In 2011 the demonstration in syria was mainly in sunni cities or by sunni people. Big part of the leaders in the army is managed by alewives as well as christian and sunni. But the media and the external factors represented by big sunni countries like turkey and qatar or saudia arabi took big part in this war at the begining and they supported strongly military. In the same time the regime was heavily supported by iran, hizbullah and russia.


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