Thursday 21 November 2019

Are refugees from middle east dangerous?

Are refugees from the middle east dangerous?

while observing a certain number of refugees in Germany and the Netherlands  we found that there are many reasons to take in consideration in the judgment whether the refugees are good potentials or dangerous:

1- religious backgrounds of refugees:

Refugees in Europe are mostly from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. looking at the background of these refugees and check whether they are dangerous or not. first, the societies of these refugees are very conservative and religious whether they are Muslims or Christian.
many incidents happened in the past years showed that these refugees are not willing to intergrade easily in European societies.
If you want to meet refugees you will do it either by meeting them face to face or what researches show in particular which are done by very lift or progressive scholar. those scholars are doing quantitative or qualitative researches and to conduct these kinds of research you need to either interviews or surveys and mainly who patriciate in them are refugees with good educations who speak English or other language and they show a willingness to participate in the society. the rest of the refugees who are not seen whether they are women or men, this category are very difficult to reach or to communicate with for different reasons like language barriers or not being seen and have no connection with whom conducting the research.
so the real image of how are the refugees doing is not fully represented in those kinds of research.
second, the media, here you may see some refugees either in European media or in American media. these kinds of reports are completely depending on the political background of the tv or newspapers. if the media is more right-wing politically then you will see some shit, but if it is left-wing, you will hear only about the success stories of refugees.
It is difficult for Europeans or Americans to understand how the refugee communities are functioning. In Germany, Sweden, Netherlands or in other western countries, refugees are building up parallel societies in the shade that will make it difficult to integrate.

2- population rate of refugees :

 Refugees in Europe have a high population rate, it is enough to know that Syrian's population was  16 million in 1994 and 23 million in 2010 before the war.

3- Education level of refugees in Europe: 

The education level of refugees is misconceived with a European education system. many refugees claim that they are highly educated like Syrians or Iraqis, but in fact, if you look at the university levels there you will immediately understand the real level of education plus their studies are mainly in the Arabic language and far from practice. on the other hand, it is fair to say there are refugees who are really well educated or they are showing their motivation to pursue further education.

4- refugees values vs European values: 

Here is a big discussion among refugees about accepting the new cultures or refusing the European cultures, in different refugee communities in Europe the majority are resisting the European values for instance: equality between women and men. Many crimes occurred in the past few years in Germany and the Netherlands against women, wives by their families or husbands.
This blog based on real observation and studies took by refugees themselves.