Monday 2 November 2020

Who are those “muslim” terrorists ?

 With what is going on in France and Austria from Terrorists  attacks here and there, everybody is scarred and panicked from where it will hit first. 

What amaze me is there are huge research in academia and intelligence about who are those terrorists. With all these data still the majority in Europe and West in General are generalizing and putting all muslims in one basket. 

I will provide a humble illustration regarding background and ideology.

In the digram you will see what all those movements in common. 

In Germany and Netherlands, the majority of refugees belong to one muslim community ( Sunni ) who flee from war in Syria because they wanted “freedom”. Their claim was widely supported and motivated by media in west. 

I wont be neutral here or claim that i agree that those freedom fighters are freedom fighters. In my opinion ( i m insider) they are religiously Ideology  motivated to demonstrated. Look at Libya, Egypt, Iraq, where are the freedom and democracy? Who supported those in Libya and Egypt, one example Hillary Clinton, Merkel, Holland, first of all the machine media of Qatar (sunni)  ( Aljazeera Tv in Arabic is completely different than the one in English), Saudis Arabia ( sunni) and muslim brotherhood led by Erdogan (sunni)

Sunni muslims are around 1 billion population. 

Don’t get me wrong, I m just providing facts.

However, Sunni are different groups on four or five sects, 

1- Hanabli ( حنبلي) extreme 

2- Shafii ( الشافعي) less extreme 

3- Malki ( مالكي ) Less less extreme