Monday 16 September 2019

Who are these refugees in Germany and Netherlands?

In the past few years more than million people have entered Europe from different countries in the middle east. Mainstream were from Syria and Iraq.
The question is, do they really deserve to be refugees?
Some of them for sure already lost there houses and their jobs in back-home.
But what about their culture and their costumes? Do they accept to be like europeans?
Well so to say, some of them have possibilities to integrate but mainly the big part will have difficulties to integrate. Do we know why? Well of course we know. Look at the previous muslim migrants in Netherlands and Germany, they are poorly integrated and they are gaining power to change the system for their favor.
How can we face our fears from being invaded or changed?
Firtsly the right wing might not be the solution either the left wing who claim to thing in progressive way. But if we zoom in more we see how these so called activists are supporting directly and indirectly peopel of migrant background to gain expectations


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